The ´Krämerhaus´ looks back on a long history of merchants. In former days the delicatessen store was a shop selling candles next to the church, that is dedicated to the Hl. Leonhard.

During the times of the great-grandfather Hippolyth the post office was settled in the Krämerhaus. Furthermore it owned one of the first phones of the village. Great-grandfather Hippolyth also offered transports by carriages, for example for Carl Krupp.

House number 2 means that the house´s history is one of the oldest of the village.

The favour for a variety of beautiful issues can be seen in the delicatessen store as well as in the 4 completely new apartments that were built in 2019.

Delicatessen store

In our delicatessen store on the ground floor you find wine of local Austrian wine-growers as well as a selection of wines from France and Italy. With pleasure senior partner Lois tells you more about the history of the different wines. Following the slogan ´Fine food and wine is always worth a journey´ he partly fetches the products from the vineyards himself. You find specialties from Tyrolian and Salzburg distillery.

Fine local cheese specialties and smoked ham of charmois and cervine thrill every gourmet. On demand Alois prepares one of his great ´Jausenbrettl´. It´s possible to order bread for the breakfast too.